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I think you need to have a breakfast team that you want to have a coffee with. They are the people that get you to work in the morning and the last thing you want is to feel that they’re conversations are staged and with Hughsey and Kate as with Hamish and Andy its like your listening in on two friends having a yap or friendly disaggreement or in the case of H a peeing competition. Plain and simple.

Subscribe now!4. Relief in Turkey: The Turkish lira rebounded on Tuesday, strengthening as much as 6% against the US dollar.The currency has lost 40% of its value since January, thrashed by a potent mix of confrontational politics, economic policy confusion and US interest rate hikes. The escalation of a political spat with the United States has fueled volatility and further devalued the lira against other currencies.The White House confirmed Monday that National Security Adviser John Bolton met with the Turkish ambassador to the United States.

“We covered everything from the Cold War to present day European politics,” he said. “I studied a little bit of history, a little bit of economics, psychology, environmentalism, African politics, Asian politics. I even had a class on 13th century Mongols, which was a very intensive class.

Something is very wrong with this system. Most of us pay our bills, on time, every month, quarter or year, for years on end with nary a claim. We have more than paid many times over for the cost of any repairs or replacements we may need on that unlucky day when disaster strikes.

Believe me I tried to train like an elite runner to improve my time and distance but I end up injured. I am highly competitive with myself and push hard! I am now at peace with the fact that I will probably never run a full marathon because running for 4 hours no longer seem appealing to me. I have a ton of respect for marathoners I don know how they do it..

What to Ask a Potential Turnkey Real Estate Investment CompanyHow long has your company been in the property management business?As exciting as it is to help an up and coming company get off the ground, you don’t want your rental property (and your tenants) to be guinea pigs in the experiment of a fledgling property management company learning how to do business. If they’ve been in business for a year or so, proceed with caution. Three years or more is best.

Also, e mail is not the most straightforward form of communication. If your item hasn’t arrived after two weeks, and you’ve e mailed the seller but haven’t heard back, it’s a good idea to check your junk mail folder. Your seller may have sent a response e mail that just never made it to your inbox.

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