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So I said not to take Russell and they listened two years too late but they finally listened. So trading him away clears the pg spot for Ball and the seat closest to the bench for his dad which means Luke Walton will be able to run Lavar’s plays all year long. Now lets get to the Paul George situation.

5. Make a study guide All that extra work? What for? Well, this involves retyping and reviewing the material at the same time. This gets you even more used to seeing the information and also helps organize it all into one source! Killing two birds with one stone and saving time.

Perhaps surprisingly, US Vice President Dick Cheney outdid George W. Bush when it came to nominations and wins. Cheney took out Dumbest Moment of the Year (for accidentally shooting his friend Harry Whittington while hunting) and was nominated for Stupidest Man and also played a role in Stupidest Statement (Whittington said he and his family were “deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this past week” after Cheney shot him)..

I would ignore her calls and say I was busy. Now she’s gone and though I spent as much time with here as I could after I got the news she was not well, I still wish I had picked up the phone and talked to her all those times I didn’t when I was in a slump. So now when I fall into that slump and start picking myself apart for all the things I could have done better, I think of all the times I didn’t answer her calls and it hits me hard.

Mira, cuando yo llegu a Chile, como escrib antes, no saba nada de espaol, pero desde mis primeros das pude entender un poco lo que decian las personas, siendo que los dos idiomas a nivel estructural, de lxico y gramtical son de verdad muy parecidos. Digamos que el impacto a nivel lingstico fue difcil en las primeras dos/tres semanas, despus todo se hizo fcil y automtico, y adems hechos como ser bastante extrovertido y ser un amante del cine y de la lectura me ayudaron a perfeccionar mi espaol. Pero lo ms bacan fue haberse ido de Chile siendo consciente de ser capaz de hablar chileno y no simplemente castellano, por la importancia que tienen los modismos no simplemente a nivel de idioma sino que, segn yo, hasta a nivel “cultural”..

I took up running these past few years as an extra hobby to allow me some thinking time away from the computer and all my camera gear. I looked into purchasing some of these minimalist shoes both for running as well as for a water shoe for fishing but found that my local stores didn’t carry any in stock, and buying shoes online can be risky for fitting purposes. Why not make some myself then?I didn’t believe that spray rubber would work very well at first and assumed that I would have to use the liquid paint on variety that comes in a tin to achieve a good coating on the fabric, but after testing the spray rubber for myself I didn’t even bother with any other method.

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