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People salty about others reselling a shoe that isn really even meant to wear. From all accounts ive seen these are uncomfortable and are just a way for adidas to show customers what they working on. There are 333 in the world like of course resale is gonna be high.

Now that you know the general shape of your wings and how large you’d like them to be, it’s time to come up with a rough life size outline of your wings. This will help you to plan the amount of feathers and types needed. It will also help you shape your wings once it comes time to glue the feathers to the frame.

I left home when I was almost 18 and traveled around the world as a model. In Japan or Italy where I didn’t know anybody food was always my way to make a connection with people. When I moved to New York in my 20s, I wanted to throw dinner parties. The marketing function has to emphasise, throughout the organisation, the rising need for innovation speed, particularly to catch consumer trends in their early days, and then to ride the wave of these emerging trends. Speed is also perhaps the best weapon to consistently leave competition far behind. R teams, which often tend to work at their own creative pace, will never be seized of such need for extreme speed, unless this is driven home to them by folk who are constantly in touch with the pressures of the marketplace.

There no doubt about it, I a list lover! I love to create lists, revise my lists, and well, live by my lists. Heck, I could devote an entire post to my love of lists! Today post, however, is dedicated to the top ten things (in no particular order) I been grateful for lately. And, a shout out to my blogging buddy over at Wondering and Wanderingfor inspiring this post!.

As long as 343 is in charge, nothing will change. They continue pissing all over the Halo formula while promising their customers (in the most patronizing manner possible) that they listening and finally delivering a “classic” experience. They tease some meaningless fluff like a classic art style or monks in the soundtrack to string people along until launch.

In addition to packing water and clothing, both experts recommend bringing extra food (energy bars make a great option because they’re calorically dense, compact, and last a long time), a simple first aid kit, a lighter, a headlamp, sunscreen, and a bug screen. For a more detailed list, check out the Washington Trail Association’s list of 10 essentials for hikers. (Or, check out The Best Hiking Gear for Women.).

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