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And Olympic wrestlers Rulon Gardner and Henry Cejuda were just on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno explaining the significance of the sport in the world (watch the clip). For some countries, like Iran, Russia, India, and Mongolia, wrestling is as popular and loved as football in America or soccer in Europe. It brings people together, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or politics.

MADELEINE LOGAN UNICEF CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: “Hello my name is Madeline Logan and I work for UNICEF in Central African Republic. I’m here today at a displacement site where UNICEF is providing toilets, shelter, and water for children and their families as well as temporary classrooms where they can learn and safe spaces for them to play. We want as many people as possible to know about what’s happening in this country..

Ernie Els called McIlroy’s mission to win at the Augusta National Club “a matter of how many.” But for nine years “how many” has been stuck on zero. One win so near, so far is all anyone is currently asking for. We are not talking Stirling Moss trying to win the drivers’ world championship or Steven Gerrard struggling to win English football’s league title but McIlroy and the Masters has become a rite of spring..

So let’s just get started. I challenge my panelists every week to describe how this week of news felt in just three words. I’ve already heard that Sally broke the rules and has more than three words. This is the perfect situation for Teodosic to be successful. He’ll orchestrate a free flowing offense while having two partners who can play All NBA caliber defense to help him out. Of course, for any free agent who has never before played in the NBA, there is risk.

Lavinia has over 100 works accredited to her but only 32 are actually signed and dated by the artist herself. Her large collection holds a variety of categories including single and group portraits, church altarpieces, and historic and narrative pieces. Her masterpiece is perhaps her self portrait, which now hangs in the Uffizi Gallery.

That’s why I say it’s a movie about movie making, the fourth wall is flimsy at best here, the main characters are being set up (the trailer reveals as much) to be killed and are being watched and influenced by sinister forces below the Cabin. The marketing campaign has been focusing a lot on the secret below the Cabin and while at first I didn’t want to get my expectations up via the hype I have to say that the movie delivers on its promise. The secret of the Cabin is really awesome..

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