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To extend the life of this important documentary beyond its Feb. 6 television broadcast, and Picture Motion are partnering on the Gender Revolution Tour, allowing any high school, college, university or nonprofit to sign up to host a free screening and discussion. The tour will harness the momentum of the conversations happening around the globe and offer an opportunity to have an informed dialogue on one of the most complicated and evolving issues in the current zeitgeist.

And even if I agree with you, for sake of argument, that Jesus did say ‘that he heals’ And the Qur’an does agree with that and I said in my talk, we believe that he gave life to the dead, with God’s permission. He healed those born deaf and blind with Gods Permission. So I have got no objection in agreeing that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), did heal the people.

(Related:There’s One Big Thing Missing from the What the HealthDocumentary)I decided to try going vegan for 30 days and see if it helped my back pain. I quickly learned it takes about 30 days to feel like you’re even remotely in control of this new eating method and about six weeks to truly feel good on it. Now, almost three months later, I’m amazed at how much better my workouts feel, how much better my back feels, and how much truly healthier I feel.

Even before this rule was released, it was highly controversial. Several states threatened to sue before it was even finalised. Utility companies say power bills will go up and that the plan will make the US uncompetitive. The paper boats represent ourselves going to a new journey. I believe the paper boat can have a spiritual connection with the audience because that can be the way people feel when they are planning or just got married. They can feel vulnerable and fragile but later they see that the boat works and everything is okay.

The branding has evolved as my business and material has evolved, becoming more encompassing of everything I offer. And that is totally acceptable and to be expected. Focus on coming up with your proprietary system and your content, which is how you will be earning your money.

You might not learn anything new about 20th century American history from “America in Color,” a docu series on the Smithsonian Channel, but the program might make you feel differently about that history. A few splashes of color will do that. The five part series, which begins on Sunday night, is being promoted as “one of the most ambitious colorizing projects ever undertaken.” It is made up of film clips from various sources that depict events and periods we’re conditioned to think of in black and white, since they occurred before color film became commonplace..

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