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While the pair shared a warm moment last night, their season endured a number of contentious events. An extended losing streak in January saw James at a crossroads with his coach, who responded by taking two weeks off to mentally and physically rest and recover. LeBron was even seen pushing Blatt away as he spoke with referees.

Robin. Reporter: I tried my best. You did. Last, I noticed that time goes by fast while watching TV. Not just hourly and daily, but months can fly by. I use to spend 8 plus hours in front of the tv. Here a link my tl;dr of the 47 page indictment that I wrote after it came out about 5 months ago. Short answer: everything went wrong. An unimaginably poor and unregulated design even worse maintenance, and shoddy operation.

To mark the end of his show, Chavarria sent a brown skinned man down the runway his chest was bare. Nestled against it was a newborn baby with a head of dark curly hair and skin the color of chocolate. The baby did not cry or squirm, but rested peacefully against the man’s chest and wrapped in his large hands..

With only four or five shots (that might be generous) the visitors focused on the physical attack, with Diego Costa leading the way. If this had been an NBA game, he would have fouled out early, but at least he came to play, not backing down from the hosts and trying to drive forward. Falcao channeled his inner Rivaldo after the Sergio Ramos love tap.

But people seem to think his name is dirt and just say “Warrenball, Warrenball, Warrenball.”.Not even close. You are ignoring the fact that we are playing our second choice hooker (Codie Taylor) due to the fact that the no1 hooker in the world (Dane Coles) has been injured and had major surgery this year with apparently two seperate operations.NMS the first choice winger when fit (and World Cup superstar in 2015) keeps getting injured, Rieko Ioane and Ryan Crotty, both worldclass and instant picks were injured in the first test match and could miss the rest of the Championship.Also Israel Dagg is injured (worldclass 2016/17 after being left out of WC 2015 squad).The Wallabies were not facing an uninjured team, they were facing a team with Worldclass players missing due to injury (while the Wallabies had all their Worldclass players like Genia and Pocock).NZGrade 10 points submitted 8 days agoYep, the rugby they played in the Bledisloe games has looked very smart tactically, and it created the perfect environment for Barrett. He run amok in the second half as the opposition have tackled themselves into oblivion while he still got a full tank.The set piece is running like a well oiled machine and defence is unmatched also, and these are the platforms on which this gameplan is built without exceptional defence they would leak tries and find themselves too far behind to rely on second half dominance.Saturday game was done as a contest after 60 mins but it was great to watch a cohesive performance with perfect execution, rather than the mercurial and chaotic rugby we seen often over the past 2 years.

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