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They found an extraordinarily symmetric positioning between the temples, ensuring both had the same view towards the east. Astronomical orientation of temples has to do with the sunrise on the celebration day of the god to whom the sacred site is dedicated, Pantazis said. Sunrise must occur exactly on the central axis of the temple in order to illuminate the central statue of the worshipped god.

The Arab uprisings have ousted or weakened some American allies. Elections in Tunisia and Egypt have shown the strength of Islamist political parties. Appears to have a diminished appetite for new, complicated undertakings in the region. Agbokim Waterfalls are situated at Cross River State. This waterfall is surrounded by green vegetation and forest. People can enjoy trekking, swimming and picnicking here..

Say Happy Valentine’s Day With Doctor Who Cards! If you love the Doctor these cards are going to send you over the edge, just like they did me. Get that printer warmed up and start printing your Valentine Day cards today. You can use them for any occasion so don’t wait until February to start using these free card ideas..

With this many options you would think selecting on would be easy. Unfortunately, every player will have its own unique set of blu ray features and functions. Making the choice a little more difficult.. I contend the muscles require the same amount of calories/fuel to do their work almost regardless of external temps. Keeping it simple: running or biking on a 70 degree day burns the same amount of calories as running or biking on a 92 degree day; the only difference is the need for hyration on the warmer day. Of course you didn’t mean you run in record breaking heat waves..

Wozniacki also emphasised the contribution of her father Piotr, who has tried to step back from his role as her primary coach on a number of occasions, but could never bring himself to stay away for long. “It’s just extra special that when I started playing tennis at seven years old he was there, whether it was raining or whether it was hot,” she said. “When I was 10, we would be training at 10 or 11pm..

First, evaluate the past performance of the fund manager with their respective benchmarks and check if they have performed fairly. Next, having done with the evaluation of the fund manager, check what is the broader investment style of the scheme. “It’s an important comparison point.

In the early 1800s, slimmer silhouettes came into style, so women no longer could wear pockets under clothes but had to wear them over clothes and their pockets got much smaller. Some say it was a way to keep women powerless. If they had no way to secretly carry items around, it would be harder for them to travel independently or conduct clandestine affairs..

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