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The fact that Adele said that she didn’t like to be called a little girl as it reminded her of her ‘childhood’ at the age of nine says it all. It was nice to see what a balanced, well rounded individual Imogen was. Their main objective is to make money and the moral consequences of selling an off the shoulder top to a seven year old girl are not their priority.

Right, moving to the skies. Investigators looking for what blew a hole in a Qantas jumbo just over a week ago now reckon it was an exploding oxygen tank. But why did the hole cause objects to fly around the cabin and be sucked towards it? Why couldn’t passengers breathe? What exactly was happening all the way up there?.

As per the findings, Indians are more likely to want to be in control of video ads than the global average. While the global average is 62 per cent, 71 per cent Indian consumers say they want to be able to control when the ad starts to play and close it whenever they want. As for ad blocking software, 83 per cent Indian consumers would consider using it.

Can you imagine Kenny vs Cena at a future ALL IN? Roman vs Okada???Edit: I don get what so bad about this post lol what up with the sub today?SerPavan 409 points submitted 7 days agoRemember the flashback episode about Mikasa parents. The kidnappers mentioned that Orientals are seen as exotic and therefore traded as sex slaves. And that nobles are the ones who buy Orientals at high prices.

The effect of three days of mayhem on England’s fans was to render them super united. They howled at Russia’s national anthem in retaliation for attacks by seemingly organised gangs, clad in black, and sang God Save the Queen with unprecedented gusto. Thus Hodgson’s team opened their European Championship campaign to the sound of ferocious support, and much more than half of the crowd in their favour..

These boots can match with sportswear or casual clothes when you run and this is a unique feature of them as running shoes. You even can wear miniskirt with these boots on feet. The thick fabric in them makes them warm and people may take it foe granted that they can be only worn in cold days.

The market rebound. The market plunge was scary. Millennials may have seen their parents lose a third of their net worth or more. The weights were featured in Goop’s “Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gift Guide.” Coffee enema: Earlier this year, the Internet lost its collective mind when the lifestyle gurus recommended the “Implant O Rama System At Home Coffee Enema” in a beauty and wellness detox guide. The kit was priced at $135, but turns out Twitter users were not fans of “cleansing” their rectums with coffee. “I’m not a health expert but I can’t help but think giving yourself a coffee enema is a bad idea,” one user said..

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