Nike Blazer Mid 1972

Totally amazing that with the millions of dollars in wasted chocolate every holiday (Valentine in particular, that their is not enough oversight by these companies to ensure these sort of things are put to an end. I truly don think I could look at a chocolate bar the same again. IN addtion, so many people are selling these chocolate candy bars at work for their kids school, and noe of these bars say anything about Trade Shanking My Head! The kids here in the US are fund raising with these same bars that other are being enslaved by.

Please note that in all seriousness I am not a troll, nor a member / fan of forums like this, but am a true crime etc junkie and have lurked the various crime etc forums and finally made a reddit acct yesterday and thought it would be ok to add my 2 cents, along with what I thought was a joke / would be read as being clearly sarcasticApologize to the people downvoting and/or offended by this, wasnt at all my intention just was trying to talk to some like minded folks maybe get someone to chuckle at the outlandishness / ridiculousness of the crux of my post you replied to. If someone told me everyone that works in ____ is violent, or the opposite for that matter IdRegardless just feel horrible for the Tibbets family and hope she gets home ASAP safely and alive, won comment on here again.PS My phone is broken and cut a portion of original comment out, but essence of it was that same story could just as soon be a CEO / celebrity / etc, which unfortunately phone didn copy paste / send. Probably / hopefully an unfortunate unintentional example but imo very telling.

ROB BREWSTER, REWILDING AUSTRALIA: It is one of Australia’s most beautiful animals, it performs a real significant role in our ecosystems, so yeah, we’ve absolutely got to try and bring it back. Farmers used to love them. They used to call them the farmers’ friend.

A slim fit shirt and well fitting pants would be ideal companions. Choose the classic formal shades for your attire for day time, and nighttime calls for something louder and peppier. Loafers and moccasins are an all in one boardroom to bar solution, so absolutely no footwear rummaging in the shoe closet is required on days you feel especially lazy..

But there are more reasons to be fascinated with this species. For one thing, it is thought that the poisonous sap in the milkweed, the monarch’s only food plant, makes it distasteful to predators like birds. This may be one reason why so many butterflies are orange they are all evolving to resemble the monarch, so birds will think twice before eating them, even if they are perfectly edible.

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