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“I think it’s exactly what I expected,” Kerr said of the challenge of keeping his team engaged. “Just having had the experience as a player in Chicago, the three years in a row [in the NBA Finals] I’ve talked about it a lot. You lose the freshness of the first year or two.

He nodded, and I felt my heart flutter. Both team captains scanned us closely, deciphering which girls they would invite onto their teams. As my crush reached out and grabbed my arm, I almost fainted. It is good to hear a voice again. I was afraid I had gone weird like my other brothers. They are stuck in a despair, the despair of nature and evil, we will never know ourselves.

A traditional spherical ball made of 32 leather panels stitched together in 1970s has now become only 14 synthetic curved panels thermally bonded (without stitches). Currently Adidas, the official supplier and manufacturer of footballs to FIFA is believed to be more spherical and it performs more uniformly regardless of where it is hit. Therefore, the primary objectives of this study were to evaluate aerodynamic performances of a current Adidas 14 curved panel football ball and a traditional Nike made 32 leather panels football ball.

The manager hands are tied on SOP changes bc this department is corporate baby at the moment. It needs to be a focus given the current business world, but I don feel that it being handled in a people oriented way at all. We are given less and less leeway regarding deviating from SOP because the OrderUp system (which doesn work half the time bc the store internet can keep up) is constantly being updated to give us less ways to screw up, but it also keeps us from doing tasks that used to be extremely simple.

A docu drama written by Stephen Kennedy (above) that forensically charts Lennon’s final day, from a photoshoot with celebrated American photographer Annie Leibovitz to, ultimately, tragedy. The play was originally written for the stage and performed over two years ago by Irish actor Seamus Brennan. For Radio 2, Ian Hart takes on the role of Lennon, whose own voice is heard in snippets of interviews and songs..

This boot was a top of the range boot from Nike and featured the then fairly revolutionary off centre lacing. The uppers were made from a super soft kangaroo leather upper with either a red (as shown here) or royal blue trim. Both colourways featured a metallic swoosh that was very reminiscent of the Nike Zoom Spiridon running shoes.

Even if they are cared for meticulously, the elastic fibers of a compression pant will inevitably break down with wear after six months if worn frequently. (Recover faster and look cute in the process with this Guide to Compression Running Gear.)When to replace: When they become an inconvenience or lose their performance enhancing qualities, such as the ability to wick moisture. You can begin to notice this when the fabric becomes itchy or pilly.

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