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The fact is that the King James Version of the Bible, or the Preserved Word, does have flaws. There are at least two miscues made by the translators that come to mind, and if I gave it more thought, I could come up with several more. For example, in II Thessalonians 2:2 the term “day of Christ” is used when it should read “day of the Lord.” It is an obvious error on the part of those who had the responsibility of translating and preserving the Inspired Word..

Firstly, basketball is a relatively new addition to the sports landscape. While the MLB was created in 1869, basketball didn’t earn a significant presence in the public eye until the NBA was officially formed in 1949. Now with 32 franchises, the NBA has gained global traction, extending its reach to 215 countries.

It’s not unheard of for one party to torpedo another party’s Supreme Court nominee. Democrats did it to Republicans in 1987, when they rejected Robert Bork’s nomination by President Ronald Reagan in a 42 58 vote. There were 54 Democrats in the Senate at the time.

Just FYI, this thinking is the literal exact encapsulation of why Trump won. I say this as a Bernie bro. Wake the fuck up, coastal liberals, and give the people in the middle of the country an escape ladder with universal healthcare and guaranteed jobs or get used to 1000 years of right wing, fascist reign..

Good morning. I’m David Greene. Magaretta Wolf has owned a grocery store in Marshfield, Wisconsin for more than 50 years. My grandson, George, has taught me so much about dinosaurs. More than I need to know, to be honest but I have managed to stop mispronouncing velociraptor as veloci rapper which, apparently, is someone who raps really quickly. He also corrects the way I say diplodocus.

The backlash was even worse in Georgia, where lawmakers last month approved HB 757, a bill allowing businesses to deny services to gay and lesbian couples by citing religious principles. Disney and the NFL were among the major corporations threatening to boycott the Peach State over the legislation. But Republican Gov.

Legends and calendar evidence survives to indicate Mesoamerican culture adopted l/s calendar traits. Individual calendars of the Yucatan Peninsula branched to become the Aztec, Incan and Mayan Calendars. Gears serve to illustrate Mesoamerican 52 year Calendar Round operations.

“A Daughter is just a Little Girl who Grows Up to be Your Best Friend”Have fun, no matter what. Sometimes mothers accidentally get caught up in grades, status, etc. It happens and in turn our daughters think we expect them to be nothing but proper and well educated.

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