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Ocean’s artful move is to create a kind of dialogue between Aaliyah and Ronald Isley in his song, showing how the loveman and the ingnue can coexist within one consciousness. His voice is actually pitched higher than Aaliyah’s, and it’s even more minimal. Someone with a Jungian psychoanalytic bent might say he’s leaning heavily into his anima on those heavenward notes.

7), Stephen Colbert (No. 12), Jay Z (No. 13), George Clooney (No. Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba temple go around it seven times. In no other mosque does the circumambulation prevail. Pagan Hindus invariably circumambulate or Pradakshina, around their deities.

Apple last event in March came just before its fight over privacy and encryption with the FBI was due to come to trial. In the end, the US government aborted the case before it came to court. But the March event was unusual in that Tim Cook opened a product launch with a political point, rallying customers over privacy and security.

It is flying high as one of the ever more successful BBC global news platforms. I have chosen to step back with a great sense of having contributed to achieving so much. I have always been supported by many tremendous and committed colleagues over the 18 years.

That said, I’ve had a few releases and I still don’t think they are good enough. My latest release is a remix that I literally just gave up on, rendered, and sent it to the label. I was so frustrated with the track and completely thought it was shit.

Floyd Mayweather may have defeated Pacquiao at the weekend, but the American’s punches and points still lacked the power to defeat his winning smile. Typically, Filipinos were also able to sweeten the blow to their country pride by rallying with robust counterpunches of humour this sunny country main disposition. Many joked it would been a more appropriate contest if they pitched their best long distance runner against Mayweather..

It not fair, but posting something like, put the kids to bed. Cracking open a big bottle of wine! just plays a lot better right now than, put the kids to bed. Hitting a fat blunt in the backyard! alcohol as a rewardAs parents, we going to have to acknowledge our double standard.

But it’s not all clear once you become a father. It takes learning and openness to reach that “golden balance” in Life which everyone is in pursuit for. For me it was balance between tennis, priorities and family. But things are different this time. The fact that almost all countries have submitted voluntary pledges shows that governments feel pressure to participate. Both the United States and China have taken a leadership role.

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