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Along those lines, Minang women also control the economics of food and other everyday resources. Female control of property and finance is not guaranteed in the inheritance of businesses or professions though. In such cases, exceptions can be made, allowing sons to inherit these things from their fathers.

As business cards has become today’s messy office stationery product, if it is presented differently, people do not hesitate to get and keep your card because you are going to offer them something which also give value to your business card holder. Here comes the magic of embossed technology to produce the real feeling of your business characters. Embossed techniques helps and enables businesses to create the right impression of your products or services before the general public..

WHAT IS ? Perspective drawing is used to create three dimension within a design, in our sessions with Brian we learnt how to apply this when drawing objects and interiors. Perspective helps create a real sense to the drawing and brings it to life. Artists use it and illustrators very often for visual sketches to allow for accuracy and dimension, as well as depth.

3. The scenery is a main reason folks travel to the island and a cycling outing will only enhance that experience with views of everything from farms to fishing communities just around the next bend. One of the best parts about travelling by bike is the pace, which allows you to take in everything around you, including fields of lupins waving in a coastal breeze to colourful fishing boats bobbing in the bay.

Other works documenting the spectacle of urban life include Walker Evans’s subway photographs; Helen Levitt’s images taken on the streets of Yorktown and Spanish Harlem; and examples from Garry Winogrand’s Women Are Beautiful portfolio. Artists featured in this section also include Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, and Nan Goldin. The tradition of street photography is carried through to more recent works by Dawoud Bey and Philip Lorca di Corcia..

The Digital Migration is a complicated process no doubt, but the manner in which it has been handled by those trusted with its deployment is laughable. As Craig Wilson of Techcentral so eloquently put it “Communications minister Dina Pule has promised that digital terrestrial television will commence in SA in December and wants the migration process to completed in just 12 months. Will this be the latest in a long list of missed deadlines?”.

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